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BE ADVENTUROUS...Choose new or unusual rooms and settings, enjoy the naughty natural norm of sexual attitudes, morals and beliefs as well as the exotic, if you please.

SET THE ATMOSPHERE...Use mood enhancing candles and indulge in fragrances, lavish in soft or silky or satin fabrics that sooth the body and caress the senses.

EXCITE THE BODY...Splash and massage with creamy lotions, sweet smelling oils and scented waters that titillate and exhilarate at the same time.  Bubbling sodas, syrups and flavored gels are fun.  Use them with PURPOSE, PASSION AND PLAYFULNESS.

ENJOY YOUR BODY...Take long, warm, oozing, bubble baths together.  Take brisk, soapy, spongy, splashy showers together.

BE SPONTANEOUS!  But always be prepared for steamy, sensual, safe sex.

SEX is not FOOD. FOOD is not SEX.  Food when eaten, strengthens your body's energy and makes you feel healthy, more energy, hence, fertile and ready to have sex.  But the automatic response to food, the feeling of fertile (sexy, horny) only will last during your peak reproduction years somewhere around 21 to 40.  Then you have to take specially formulated vitamins for males and females to promote sexual performance or ask your doctor what he or she suggests.  So don't eat too much hoping for a better sexual response.  The whole result of sex is a combination of many bodily hormones and reactions and emotional readiness.  Sex can be different every time, even with the same person.  Enjoy sex, but be flexible about the results.  Use it or loose it.  Some men and women are having sex at age 70 and above.  And without doubt, a baby is the highest result of sex.  Everything else is practice!

WHEN YOU BREAK YOUR VIRGINITY...Be prepared to experience a new person in your life...closer than your non-sexual relationships but not as close as your blood relatives. You will feel a mind-body-spirit change.  Maturity is good.

HAVING SEX WITHIN THE LAW...Will promote peace of mind about sex. Sexual harassment is out. Natural laws apply too, like cleanliness and natural frequency of sex. If you are over 18 years of age don’t have sex with people under 18 years of age, because they are minors and you can get in trouble. Safety is good.

PRENUPTIAL CONTRACTS... Speaking about the law, a prenuptial contract protects you, your life's work and children if you have them, if your spouse succumbs to any or other than the following: sweet talking women, sweet talking men, gambling, illegal drugs and habits and lifestyles, bad business deals in their name and various levels of laziness or squandering of your net worth.  Have a lawyer draw up a fair contract and have their side read it to start the negotiating process.  This way everyone is safer.

BIZARRE SEX ACTS...And sex that is not the majority will make you feel the opposite, in a minority.  Live with it or stay in the mainstream.  Balance is good.

IF YOU DON'T do a kind of sex you should be able to say no once.  If you change your mind yourself based on new research or positive information, fine, but if the person persists, ask to seek counseling with them.  Relationships are good.

DON'T BE OBSESSED...With looks and body weight.  Even the most attractive people change as they get older or could change sooner due to situations that arise in life.  Moderation is good.

OUR SOCIETY...Always needs good, intelligent people.  If you don't have or want to have children, donate to your community in another way.  Harmony in life is good.

USE LATEX CONDOMS & VITAMINS...See your doctor or clinic for medical safe sex information.  Science is good.




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We apologize, we have no live actors today.  Let's Keep the Site Going!  See Blog Below.

The information and research on this page is brought to you by Woww Sherry.  We hope to allow the public to voice their opinion about the Escort Industry and bring about changes to the legal system that will help adults have a good time safely.

We need to legalize a hand release.  Yes inside of an Escort situation or a Massage Parlor a hand release should be legal.  The men have a biological need to release and this is a safe and unemotional, meaning no falling in love, no unwanted children or risking catching social diseases.  It’s a healthy solution to the biological needs men go through everyday.  Many men single and married don’t need more than that and also it will help Escorts and Masseuses both Male and Female feel comfortable about being Escorts and Masseuses since the question does arise. They ask, “Do you do hand releases?”  If a hand release were legal people shouldn’t go past a hand release, the police will still check.  Many Escorts and Masseuses would provide the service if it were legal.  This way, both Escorts and Customers are safe. 

We need the Laws to change to make the Escort Industry a legitimate industry allowing a legal hand release during the encounter. 

As long as the customer provides the location and there is no incall brothel type of set ups, no endangering minors, or soliciting in public places, bars, restaurants, the street etc. then there is no reason to arrest the escort or the customer. 

We need a clear Escort IRS form that Escorts can use to declare their extra income in their tax return. I use an extra Schedule. 

We need both parties to show ID (identification) at the encounter and then everyone can take a deep breath and proceed with caution to have fun! 

What do you think?


 The Topic for the Blog will be:

With reference to legalizing the Escort Industry with the above mentioned rules, what do you think?

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