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The information and research on this page is brought to you by Woww Sherry.  We hope to allow the public to voice their opinion about the Escort Industry and bring about changes to the legal system that will help adults have a good time safely.

We need to legalize a hand release.  Yes inside of an Escort situation or a Massage Parlor a hand release should be legal.  The men have a biological need to release and this is a safe and unemotional, meaning no falling in love, no unwanted children or risking catching social diseases.  It’s a healthy solution to the biological needs men go through everyday.  Many men single and married don’t need more than that and also it will help Escorts and Masseuses both Male and Female feel comfortable about being Escorts and Masseuses since the question does arise. They ask, “Do you do hand releases?”  If a hand release were legal people shouldn’t go past a hand release, the police will still check.  Many Escorts and Masseuses would provide the service if it were legal.  This way, both Escorts and Customers are safe. 

We need the Laws to change to make the Escort Industry a legitimate industry allowing a legal hand release during the encounter. 

As long as the customer provides the location and there is no incall brothel type of set ups, no endangering minors, or soliciting in public places, bars, restaurants, the street etc. then there is no reason to arrest the escort or the customer. 

We need a clear Escort IRS form that Escorts can use to declare their extra income in their tax return. I use an extra Schedule. 

We need both parties to show ID (identification) at the encounter and then everyone can take a deep breath and proceed with caution to have fun! 

What do you think?


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 The Topic for the Blog will be:

With reference to legalizing the Escort Industry with the above mentioned rules, what do you think?

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